Create a stable funding source

The enclave will need a dedicated budget for development and sustainment and a long-term financial commitment to address the needs of the PPBE process and its many users. Currently, the PPBE systems that would feed data into the enclave are financed in a distributed manner. Even if efforts to consolidate key elements of PPBE technical infrastructure are successful, such as developing a single J-Book writing tool or consolidating budgeting IT systems, necessary elements of a successful enclave will be spread throughout the DoD.

An enclave is, at its core, infrastructure; a place to put data that can be accessed, searched, and understood by both DoD and Congressional staff. Hundreds of systems must feed data into the enclave for it to be useful. Because data will flow from almost all areas of the DoD, we recommend creating a dedicated budget managed by the CDAO and directed by the enclave project leader. This fund will be used to develop the enclave, coordinate across the enterprise, and ensure long-term maintenance and iteration of the enclave.

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