Where to Start

Below, we outline how the implementation team can set the enclave project up for successful delivery. This timeline includes tasks and efforts that can overlap or run concurrently.

The Commission calls for the implementation team1 to oversee all of the Commission’s recommendations, it also establishes an integrated product team (IPT).2 The role of the IPT is to deliver PPBE technology. The IPT should include a mix of highly-skilled product experts, designers, and engineers. It should also include members with specialties, such as budgeting and procurement, that help define the problem space or navigate uncertain processes or subject areas. The IPT need not be large, but should be comprehensive across skill sets that allow the team to deeply understand the problem space, resolve disputes, vet and manage contractors, review and deploy commercial products, and direct others to write code, manage data, and conduct research.

If the implementation team is motivated, the following tasks are possible:

Within 90 days

  • Hire and empower an enclave product leader
  • Hire or detail technologists onto the IPT
  • Research existing DoD contracts for potential COTS that could be used as a user interface

Within 180 days

  • Identify potential groups with which to pilot a new user interface
  • Research and identify users and their specific needs
  • Research and identify what portion of the PPBE process to implement first
  • Evaluate Advana capabilities as a data layer
  • Identify Congressional users who will be involved in the pilot and issue them CACs or PIVs

Within the first year

  • Establish identity management and data access for initial users
  • Develop and deliver working software that Congress can use
  • Validate data sources as authoritative and ensure proper governance and data tagging has been implemented
  • Track usage metrics to show what data is being accessed and at what frequency

Beyond the first year

  • Ensure the enclave is sufficiently funded and has long-term dedicated staff and contract resources
  • Continue user research and integrate the outcomes into product decisions
  • Establish a regular cadence and release schedule to expand both the scope and scale of the enclave
  • Establish and enforce policies for data governance for the enclave

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